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Discover Ruhmee's eco-friendly girls' clothing and accessories. Ethically handmade and designed for comfort, style, and sustainability. Shop now for timeless fashion!


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Ruffle Pink Linen Dress - IvyRuffle Pink Linen Dress - Ivy
Tiered Cream Linen Dress - KaiyaTiered Cream Linen Dress - Kaiya
Ruffle Peach Linen Dress - IvyRuffle Peach Linen Dress - Ivy
Embroidery Creamy White Linen Dress - LunaEmbroidery Creamy White Linen Dress - Luna
Tiered Olive Linen Dress - KaiyaOlive_embroidery_linen_dress_Ruhmee_2
Embroidery Pink Linen dress - LunaEmbroidery Pink Linen dress - Luna
Textured Pink Cotton Dress - WillowTextured Pink Cotton Dress - Willow
Tiered Red Linen Dress - KaiyaRed_embroidery_linen_dress_Ruhmee_1
Textured Violet Cotton Dress - WillowTextured Violet Cotton Dress - Willow
Textured White Cotton Dress - WillowTextured White Cotton Dress - Willow
Collar Yellow Linen Dress - FloraCollar Yellow Linen Dress - Flora
Collar Coral Linen Dress - FloraCollar Coral Linen Dress - Flora
Collar Blue Linen Dress - FloraCollar Blue Linen Dress - Flora
Ruffle Yellow Linen Dress - IvyRuffle Yellow Linen Dress - Ivy
Embroidery Blue Linen Dress - LunaEmbroidery Blue Linen Dress - Luna
Embroidery Violet Cotton Dress - AriaEmbroidery Violet Cotton Dress - Aria
Embroidery Green Cotton Dress - AriaEmbroidery Green Cotton Dress - Aria
Embroidery Orange Cotton Dress - AriaEmbroidery Orange Cotton Dress - Aria
Golden Silk Dress - SeinnaGolden Silk Dress - Seinna
Scrunch Headband - CreamScrunch Headband - Cream
Scrunch Headband - Cream Sale price$14.95 AUD
Scrunch Headband - PinkScrunch Headband - Pink
Scrunch Headband - Pink Sale price$14.95 AUD
Scrunch Headband - BlueScrunch Headband - Blue
Scrunch Headband - Blue Sale price$14.95 AUD
Ribbon Headband - PinkRibbon Headband - Pink
Ribbon Headband - Pink Sale price$14.95 AUD
Ribbon Headband - PeachRibbon Headband - Peach
Ribbon Headband - YellowRibbon Headband - Yellow
Ribbon Headband - Yellow Sale price$14.95 AUD
Blossom Headband - BlueBlossom Headband - Blue
Blossom Headband - Blue Sale price$14.95 AUD
Blossom Headband - YellowBlossom Headband - Yellow
Blossom Headband - Yellow Sale price$14.95 AUD
Blossom Headband - CoralBlossom Headband - Coral
Blossom Headband - Coral Sale price$14.95 AUD
Gathered_white_linen_headband_Ruhmee_3Gathered Headband - Pearl White
Gathered_embroidered_pearl_white_linen_headband_Ruhmee_3Gathered Embroidery Headband - Pearl White
Gathered_olive_linen_headband_Ruhmee_2Gathered Headband - Olive
Gathered Headband - Olive Sale price$14.95 AUD
Gathered_embroidered_olive_linen_headband_Ruhmee_2Gathered Embroidery Headband - Olive