Shop girls dresses that feature the hottest colours and premium fabrics for this season. She'll be dressed in our baby doll clothes, ruffle dresses and embroidered patterns designed for little fashionistas from playground to party.


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Textured White Cotton Dress - WillowTextured White Cotton Dress - Willow
Ruffle Peach Linen Dress - IvyRuffle Peach Linen Dress - Ivy
Ruffle Pink Linen Dress - IvyRuffle Pink Linen Dress - Ivy
Tiered Cream Linen Dress - KaiyaTiered Cream Linen Dress - Kaiya
Tiered Olive Linen Dress - KaiyaOlive_embroidery_linen_dress_Ruhmee_2
Textured Pink Cotton Dress - WillowTextured Pink Cotton Dress - Willow
Tiered Red Linen Dress - KaiyaRed_embroidery_linen_dress_Ruhmee_1
Embroidery Creamy White Linen Dress - LunaEmbroidery Creamy White Linen Dress - Luna
Embroidery Violet Cotton Dress - AriaEmbroidery Violet Cotton Dress - Aria
Textured Violet Cotton Dress - WillowTextured Violet Cotton Dress - Willow
Embroidery Pink Linen dress - LunaEmbroidery Pink Linen dress - Luna
Collar Yellow Linen Dress - FloraCollar Yellow Linen Dress - Flora
Ruffle Yellow Linen Dress - IvyRuffle Yellow Linen Dress - Ivy
Collar Coral Linen Dress - FloraCollar Coral Linen Dress - Flora
Collar Blue Linen Dress - FloraCollar Blue Linen Dress - Flora
Embroidery Blue Linen Dress - LunaEmbroidery Blue Linen Dress - Luna
Golden Silk Dress - SeinnaGolden Silk Dress - Seinna
Embroidery Orange Cotton Dress - AriaEmbroidery Orange Cotton Dress - Aria
Embroidery Green Cotton Dress - AriaEmbroidery Green Cotton Dress - Aria