Ruhmee embraces a gradual approach to sustainability, fostering a better future one step at a time. We carefully design every aspect of our packaging, from garment bags to hangtags, to be entirely recyclable, allowing for easy disposal of your household waste. In a sector that is sometimes chastised for its environmental impact, we are determined not to compound the problem. We aim to alter the apparel industry's relationship with the environment by focusing on the minute things and making them sustainable.

Our commitment to a cleaner future extends beyond packaging. We assure the longevity of our clothing and accessories by carefully selecting only the finest fabrics. Rather than being thoughtlessly abandoned, we believe cherished children's belongings should be adored, worn extensively, and passed down to the next generation. Our dedication to unrivaled quality guarantees that our items withstand normal wear and tear, allowing them to be treasured for longer. 

In line with our sustainable ethos, we offer eco-friendly Jute tote bags to promote the idea of sustainability and reduce waste. Furthermore, we have taken the initiative to recycle scrap fabric from our clothing line to craft handmade headbands, showcasing our commitment to recycling and reducing waste.

Every day, we choose to be the change we want to see in the world. We choose all-natural fabrics only while maintaining the quality of our clothing. We constantly examine the textiles we use, how they are obtained, and the manufacturing procedures to ensure our environmental and ethical practices are sustainable and fair.

All of our products are proudly designed in Australia and ethically manufactured in our India facilities by our incredibly creative family.